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Maple Leaf Landscaping has been providing landscape design & build services in Chittenden County and beyond for more than 20 years.

Although we would never be able to list all of the different facets of landscaping we do, one thing is for sure:  We always strive to do it the best. Our experience brings a level of professionalism and efficiency that few other landscape companies can match.  See for yourself!



Design is a well thought out plan that demonstrates the designers ability to understand the customers needs, all the while creating spaces outdoors that are unforgettable and irreplaceable.


Not every property is the same and Maple Leaf recognizes this.  We provide designs that take into consideration:  light, drainage, plants, slope, soil types, utilities, traffic patterns, maintenance and other factors affecting the spaces in question.  Whether it is a new 3D design or a hand drawn sketch, you'll be impressed.  


Maple Leaf saves you money and time when you have a design created and implemented.  You will have a "road map" that allows you to achieve the vision--often times in phases.  We provide conceptual prints, and go over the design with you, including a detailed estimate for installation of the project.  

Additionally our design services are often free, or very affordable since if you choose Maple Leaf to Install a project we designed in house. The design fees will be credited back upon installation and invoicing - making it completely or nearly free to have a Design/Build service from Maple Leaf. 

Maple Leaf is your sole source for a streamlined construction process that can save you time and money.  If you already have a design or architectural documentation completed, we are happy to provide cost estimates and budgeting as you transition into the construction phase.


From start to finish Maple Leaf will treat your project like its own baby. We are constantly coming up with ways to creatively achieve your landscape dreams.  Our experiences have allowed us to handle the toughest conditions as well as to work with materials that require skill sets beyond most.  Our installation practices are honed to allow us to handle both large; multi-faceted projects as well as compact (and often very detailed) projects.   

We use state of the art compact equipment, careful planning, common sense and experience to handle to various challenges we may find on your property as we work.  With a Soil and Horticulture focus,  we  construct spaces that will last many years and provide a great "home" for the plantings and features that will make your Property stand out.  

We are known for our approach to tough conditions and our dedication to doing the job the best we possibly can.

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